About Us

Sankofa Fun Club...who, what, why, where, when and how?

We forgotten the importance of Fun therefore, Fun has become a guilty pleasure.

Who is Sankofa Fun Club?
The direct answer to this question is YOU are Sankofa Fun Club.  The intent is to create and environment that allows mature professional to travel, dine and socialize and network  together, and opportunity to allow yourselves to have fun again.

W hat is Sankofa Fun Club?,
A Membership based Arts, Entertainment and Travel Club for Mature Professionals.

W hy Sankofa Fun Club?

Because by the time we have raised our children, maybe divorced, maybe still married and an empty nester, we have or are still caring for our ailing parents, retired or still having to work....

We forgot, what it was like as a young carefree child to play to just have fun.  Not a care in the world, Just having fun.  No cause to champion .

No benefit .to support...just coming together to enjoy living and having FUN.  We forgotten the importance of Fun therefore, Fun has become a guilty pleasure.  Can’t go camping until I finish this report...

Where is Sankofa Fun Club?
We are located primarily on the West Coast, however our excursions can take us anywhere...the Caribbean, Africa, Central and South America,...You may see us  in the Chilling in the  Hamptons,  Rockin to the Blues in the Mississippi Delta, or the Skiing on the Swiss Alps. 

We will dine together, swim oceans together, cruise, see plays, enjoy tailgate parties, cheer with the Lakers or the Boston Celtics together.  Fishing, boating, dancing....Our Members have fun together.  Meet great people from all walks of life from all over the world.  So to ask where is Sankofa Fun Club...we are right where you are.

W hen Sankofa Fun Club? There is an event scheduled weekly Monthly Quarterly and Annually, There is always something to do with the Sankofa Fun Club.  Check our Radio show, the website, follow us on twitter, facebook etc

H ow Sankofa Fun Club?
With your support join now and become a member of Sankofa Fun Club, enjoy membership benefits, become a sponsor and enjoy greater benefits or become a Fun Affiliate or Fun Ambassador and create an income with Sankofa Fun Club.  You can even become a Fun Volunteer there are so many ways to be involved with Sankofa Fun Club