Frequently Asked Questions!

1. What is Sankofa Fun Club?

Sankofa Fun Club is an exclusive membership based arts, entertainment, travel and social networking club. 

2. Is there an age limit?

Not really but we cater to the mature professional


3. I see you are based in Los Angeles do you have to live in Los Angeles Ca in order to be a member?

No not at all.  We have members from all over.  Especially for the travel excursions, members fly in from all over the world to play with us.


4. Is this club for business owners only?

No but it is a great asset to adults that have a business and are looking for new clients or leads.  You have the opportunity to network in a relaxed atmosphere with like minded individuals that can either support or enhance your business ventures.

5. I have children do you do family events?

From time to time we have events that are geared for the entire family and some travel excursions are children friendly, however for the most part the Sankofa Fun Club is for the mature professional




6. Is this just for women?



7. What is the cost for membership?

Annually it is 199.00 there are deeper discounts when you purchase for 2 years or more.  We even have a lifetime membership.  These fees can also be paid monthly.  The savings from one or two events can pay for your membership, and the discount from one travel excursions can more than cover the cost of membership.